We closely follow the rules of international conventions specification on energy conservation emission reduction, taking environment friendly production as the design goal and adopting various ways to promote the escalation of vessels including study from world’s famous Owners, reading latest reports and etc.
The effective control of waste discharge, including carbon oxides, nitrogen oxides, sewage, refuge, ballast water, toxic substances and etc., helps with the protection of local environment. We work hard to monitor the business and strive to mitigate impacts on environmental impacts and climate change during the daily operation taking adequate measures to reassure sustainability and biodiversity as well.

Our fleet including own tonnage and operating vessels all apply a daily consumption of less than 20 metro tons of low Sulphur fuel oil during sea passage.

-For ship operation, excellent operational EEDI index (energy efficiency design index) can be achieved by reducing the speed, limiting the maximum power of main engine, or scheduling the formulated SEEMP (Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan);
-Regarding the emission of SOx, our vessels are all equipped with LSFO (Low Sulfur Fuel Oil) with its emission rate lower than 0.1%, reassuring its sustainability as well as protecting biodiversity
-With the design idea of integration of propeller, body and main machine. We adopt the linear optimization to effectively reduce the resistance and improve propulsion efficiency;
-Our ships are also equipped with a gas-proof sealing system, which matches USEPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) criteria regarding ELA requirements;